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Default Looking for a bit of Help.

Hey everyone, I'm just looking for some help with this reject right here:


I figured I should add more color saturation, but as far as overexposed goes, how (in photoshop elements 6.0) do I go about fixing it? Thanks everyone!

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The lack of color saturation that you mentioned is a result of the overexposure, but it should be a simple fix. If you shoot in raw, go back and adjust the exposure before processing. If not, adjust the levels to "darken" the image a bit.

Fixing the exposure can often correct the color problem as well, although the image does appear a bit green or yellow so if it still looks off after correcting the exposure, you may need to make a slight adjustment with the color slider.

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crop some off the bottom also.
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Hi Cody,
I went from PSE4 to PSE7 so I'm not sure what you have available in PSE6 - but here are some things I do:
Under try "auto levels". That doesn't always improve things, so I "undo" and try "auto contrast". "Undo" if that doesn't improve things.
Next, go to Lighting > levels. Try moving the sliders on both the input and output scales — play with them until you get a feel for what they do.
Remember: the undo and reset buttons are your friends!
From there you can tweak with the shadows/highlights, brightness/contrast, and color saturation/lightness tools.
Caution: don't overdo it (unless your last name is Hicks)
Remember #2: Less is more.
Hope that helps.
Cheers, Jim.

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If I were you, I'd give it a bit of CCW rotation as well. Correct the exposure as others suggested and the color may then correct itself.

As Travis said, go ahead and crop off just a bit off the bottom.

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