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Default ... and More Bad Cropping.

O.K. guys,help needed with this one.This is pretty much the whole image,so I'm unable to crop any wider,so I suppose the question is - should I try a tighter crop,maybe upright ? Or,is the image worth the effort - I like it but,of course,my opinion doesn't carry too much weight ( !! ).
Here's the reject -


Thanks for any advice/opinions.
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I think it makes for a nice Flickr image of a city scape. Not so much for Railpictures though, IMHO. Unless you have a frame with a train closer on either of the two nearest tracks.
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Disagree, the only thing that couldve helped was to have the 4th train lined up at the starting gate like the rest. Not at all interested in the morning MU's but the station and building above are of interest. I like it as is.

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I am in Joe's camp, I would like to see a stronger foreground presence. Next time maybe with the train on track 12 departing.
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Also colour looks a bit off IMHO. A tad too much saturation I'd say.
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The foreground is a bit dull though I doubt you could arrange to have certain trains arrive and depart to your schedule. To make the trains more prominent perhaps a tighter crop - loose some of the foreground in the bottom and since the train to the left is already cut off, perhaps crop out some of the image to the left. You will loose some of the building which you probably hoped to include but if cropped right that should not be much an issue as it will still nicely frame the trains to the right.

Good luck!

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