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Default One of my train pics used on the Dr Phil Show...

Here's a new one for me...
After dinner I get a call that shows as 'Paramount Pictures' on the Caller ID (I'm figuring it's a telemarketer). I pick up & it's someone from the Dr Phil Show. It turns out they're doing a show on "how a daughter's obsession with her computer might be a trainwreck waiting to happen."...and they want to use one of my WMSR images to accentuate the 'train' part.

We negotiated a price ($200), I uploaded the pic, an invoice & a W9 form...and the show taped yesterday with my pic included. I'm not sure when it will air, she said she'd let me should be in the next couple weeks.

Just one of those random cool things that comes along with having a web presence. They found the image via a google search...came across my website. Pretty luck, actually.

Thought you guys would enjoy the story.
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