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Default Finger Lakes primer wanted

Last year a family trip took me to the Watkins Glen area and Geneva, NY. I managed to see a couple of Finger Lakes operations by chance.

Can anyone give me a primer on how to do this operation? Looking for any tips, radio freqs, days of operation?

I see they have a few new GE's from ATSF. Any hope they will paint these soon?

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Locals are based at Geneva and Solvay (at a minimum, may be another report location I don't know about). Weekday, daylight hours for all the jobs as far as I know. I believe there used to be some Saturday operations, but unsure if that is still the case.

Frequencies and a lot of other info can be found at this site:


However, it is about 5 years old and I don't believe things are quite as busy now (as far as 7 day a week operations, anyway). In addition to the ATSF B23-7s, they have also gotten at least one ex P&W GE and a couple of the ex Camas Prarie units. Also, a couple of the GP9s were transferred out. At a rough guess, I'd say about half the fleet is painted right now. Haven't seen a repaint up there in some time.

That's all I have. Hopefully someone closer to the action there can fill in some gaps.
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