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Default Rfdtv rotary plow

Did any one see trains & locomotives this morning on RFDTV it was billed as "Trolleys of the South" but it was Cumbres & Toltec narrow gauge rotary plow OY at work using three class K steam 487, 497, 488 never seen a rotary working before. They put on a great show. One of the best RFDTV has had. Very slow going in 14 foot snow at times. Checked out the route on my Delorme Street Atlas 2006 it had the track and the right tag.
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Haven't seen that one yet. (But it is T-VOed). I'm a couple shows behind. It's a FANTASTIC show. Guess it will give me something to watch tonight during the Sox rain delay. GO WHITE SOX !!!!!!

David Kibitlewski
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