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Default Worth a shot?

Think any of these have a chance? I guess light is the main issue with them, I don't know if it kills the shots or not.




foreground clutter?

enough context?
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Great shots, asides from poor light, I'm afraid. Nothing to do to fix that.

Good effort... but you're correct about the clutter.

Another nice shot, but it desperately needs more light...

In other words, you've got the right idea, just get the sun behind you next time.
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Just a few minor adds to what has been said. On #2, the CSX train, actually I think it would have a chance. Yes, the sun is on the other side but the angle is so near head-on that there isn't very much side-in-shadow to see. So it might get in. What might hold it back is that a) the train is centered, and b) the left crossing signal is chopped off. I think it would have worked well had you aimed a bit to the left, chopping off the right signal and getting all of the left; this would have put the nose pleasantly off-center also.

Of course, centered sometimes gets in
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On #5, I disagree with Nick; sure it needs light but that is not the only or main problem, it's too tight and does not have enough context, for my tastes.
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Default #2

#2 also looks like it gets a 'high sun'.... There was no EXIF data so I couldn't tell what time of day.
It looks to me, the same shot on the same time from the other side of the tracks would still have a shadow on the trucks.

I like the location for 1-3, I look forward to seeing some in the RP.NET DB from there.

I'm disqualifying myself from commenting on the last two... beyond my understanding at this time.

Take care...
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