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Default My Contrast Is Bad

Hey, guys;

I'm having a bit of problem with the contrast on days that are sunny with the new camera. (Sunny days have been few and far between since I got the 60D.)


Which way should I go? I'd say there is too much here, but is there any good way to finx this problem as I'm taking the actual picture? I shoot RAW.

Thanks in advance.
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As long as the sky is nice and blue, you are good to go!

Less contrast, too much black. But before you mess with that, it looks underexposed.
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+ levels on the light end, that should fix it, maybe - some cyan if the sky still looks unnaturally blue too.
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Picture stile can make it look that way, Yes the shot is still RAW and you can do what you want to it but if the raws look pumped up look at the settings and you will have less post to do. Less Post in photoshop can mean less noise in dark light to so its worth setting the camera up.
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