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Chris Kilroy
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Exclamation RailPictures for Videos! :o

Hi guys,

For those of you who haven't investigated the new Railroad Videography Forum yet, I'd just like to let you know that a new sister-site to this one, http://www.rail-videos.net/ is live, and ready for your video contributions.

We hope you'll enjoy this new site (especially once the video contributions start flowing in) as much as we've enjoyed creating it!
Chris Kilroy
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Awesome! I wasn't expecting it that soon.
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Joe the Photog
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Hey, guys;

Thanks for making the loggin and password usuable from RP to RV. Now I really have to figire ut how to upload video that I've shot on my station's camera.

Joe the Photog Dot Com
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The Photo Journalist
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Would it be possible to create a Complete Elite Package encompassing all three sites?
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So what is the screening process going to entail?

I have some videos here ready to roll... perhaps

Loyd L.
The screening standards here only extend 20 feet above ground level.

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Congratulations! You're off to a great start already. Watched several of the videos and really enjoyed them.

Kurt Clark

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I've had a look at most of the videos already there. I liked what I saw! I haven't had time to comment on any, yet, as I needed to leave for work. But, I'm looking at making a camcorder purchase this week. Perhaps.
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While screening through photographs on RP would seem to be enjoyable, I can not imagine the time involved in screening videos! Good luck, guys!

I'm not a video guy, but I have put my camera down for a few scenes captured for posterity. Keep an eye open for my Heber video - you've never seen Heber like this! High speed (unusually high speed) with a last minute pan. Note to self: get to work on some pacing video.

Stop, watch and comment!
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A Screener's Choice - thanks Admin.

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