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Default Worth it?





All the CN was taken in or around Durand Michigan, and the CP was taken in Howell Michigan

Any worth uploading?

thoughts, comments, advice?

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#1-Maybe if you bring the exposure up a bit, and shapen it a little more.
#2-I like it, but I don't think it would fly here. What are all of the toe tags for on the fence?
#3-The signals are obstructing the loco.
#4-Looks pretty good. Maybe crop a little tighter on the left, just catching the signal, but dumping the chain link fence/gate. Also try to get the exposure down on the white building in the B/G. This screams RR with the stack of ties, code lines and pole, signal, and propane tank for a 'switch heater?'. I just took another look. Either put the entire code line pole back in on the right if you have it, or take it all out.
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1-Left side is pretty dark. I tried submitting one like this a couple of months back and it got rejected for being back lit. But I have seen some shots where it worked.
2-I like this the most...although it might be PEQ...depends what the screener thinks. I agree with the previous post...the tags are a bit distracting.
3-The signal on the left is obstructing the train.
4-The locomotive looks good and the other stuff says "railroad." Get rid of the fence. My only other concern would be the high weeds blocking the trucks. That might generate an "obstructing objects" rejection....but maybe not.
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Originally Posted by EMTRailfan View Post
#4-Looks pretty good.
Not to be harsh - but aside from the other issues pointed out it looks purely side-lit with poor light on the nose and the rest of the train is cut off in what's otherwise a fairly standard wedgie so I doubt it has much chance here...

Keep trying though and review the site to see what gets on and learn from that. Good luck.


For what it's worth, I think the third one is best lit and would be best overall if you'd let the lead engine get all the way past the signals - at the signals works better as more of a "head on" or slightly offset where you can see the train trailing off without being blocked by the signal. For more of a wedgie shot the signal just blocks the view of the train which may be more "ok" if it's farther back on the train. Here's what I'm getting at (as an example) of having at least the lead engine unobstructed:

Image © Michael Harding
PhotoID: 256894
Photograph © Michael Harding
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