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Default Louisville Help Please


I know Louisville very well but have not been for some time. My usual hangouts have been the Jaycees Park in New Albany on NS, Strawberry Lane near Osbourne Yard. Frankfort Ave, LaGrange etc.

Also the south approach of K&I Bridge (Near Youngtown Yard)

Back in the early 1990's I used to hang near Floyd St. and the New Albany side of the K&I but have pulled back from that due to increased security. (NS cops have ALWAYS been very nice to me but they got better things to do than chase railfans)

What has changed on the old Pensy bridge, I understand CSX now runs on it.

Any advice, best times etc will be appreciated. In my past experiance I could usually always get a train on NS in New Albany or CSX on Frankfort Ave.

Thanks again

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