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Default Bad Motive? Any thoughts?


I had this photo rejected for bad motive last night. I personally thought the motive was very good, especially with the SP logo in the background and the nose of the locomotive in the picture.
As I submitted I was thinking the bad things about it were possibly the lighting or the quality of the slide scan, but not bad motive, even as strict as this site is.
Any thoughts? Do you think I should appeal?
Thanks for the comments.
--Josh Simmons--

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A little more locomotive (the whole truck) and a little less deadspace to the left and it has a shot..... That's my opinion. If you can't get any more truck I'd try it again.
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Level it a bit clockwise. Crop it up to the back of the cab. Or the whole thing. And crop off some of the left.

If you get back to the spot, try and stand more towards your right. This way you could get the corner of the shed out of the way, framing up to the Dunsmuir. And since the graphic on the (water tank?) is a focal point, try not to get it obscurred, like it is by the handrail on the loco.
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The advice given won't hurt. But an appeal is a good idea too.
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