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Default Jim Thias new goal - visit more Scenic Michigan?!

I have undisputible proof:


Read the comment.
Jim, Jim, Jim.... you just can't get enough of Michigan can you?
So much to see, so much scenery - hope you have the time to
travel and photograph scenic Michigan, s'more.

; )

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Come on, Mitch, you know the U.P. is pretty much a different state!! Lower Michigan, for railroad photography, is BORING (for the most part). Now, if it were the 1950's, then you'd have a case. Plenty of rail lines in the upper regions of lower Michigan through really beautiful countryside...but they no longer exist.

The U.P. might as well be "out west" in terms of distance to me. It just seems so...far....away.......Mitch, most of my frustration not so much comes from the lack of scenery here in lower Michigan, but more so from my lack of money to take to me to other places in this country. If I could afford to travel, I'd have nothing to complain about.

Seriously, though...I'd love to make a trip up there. Just not in the budget. I DO have my snowshoes ready to go if they opportunity ever arises, though. Got 'em last year for Christmas and they've not had much use since then.

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