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Question Going to sacramento, need the inside scoop!

I know there's many railfans here from the Sacramento area and I need the inside info!

I'll be heading through Fresno to Stockton then up to Sacramento for a few days.

I guess I'm looking for those spots if you were a local where would you go for good action and photos in Fresno, Stockton and Sacramento. Especially evening shots in Sac.

I'll be in Fresno in the morning, Stockton late morning/early afternoon, then into Sac in the afternoon and early evening. Then be spending three more days in Sac.

Any help would be great! Maps with railfan hotspots marked on them would even be better!
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You can start with the former Stockton Tower location. Google maps "stockton ca union square" will locate it for you.
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The UP yard in Roseville, of course!

Dave, I envy you for being able to visit there this week. I lived in Sac from 89-91 and I miss it dearly. My brother still lives there and I visit him occasionally, but I'd really love to live there again. In fact, he lives less than a mile from the Roseville yard, so going to and from his house often involves going over the Foothills Blvd overpass, which provides a good view of the yard looking to the north.

Get some pics from up there for me if you can!
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It's probably too late to mention, but while in Sac be sure to stop at the California State Railroad Museum. The AC-11 Cab Forward is reason enough to pay the 8 bucks admission. Bring a tripod though it is too dark in there for most people to get any good shots without a steady hand. Outside the museum you can see some remnants of the old SP shops but they are a little far away for any good angles as well. There is a cool swingspan over the Sac river that UP and Amtrak use it might make a good photo as well. Good luck and enjoy your trip! -Arne
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