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Default Train horns in Elburn, Il.

I live in Elburn, Il. 4 blocks from the Union Pacific Geneva sub. They installed those awful "wayside horns" at the two crossings in town. I found the quiet woke me up at night. Anyway, the past 4 or 5 days the trains have been moving slowly through town, with a lot of horn. I don't see any track work going on, the Metra trains have their own tracks and no pedestrian crossing, and I haven't heard anything on the scanner. Does anyone know why the horns are back?
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The horns that you hear are aimed towards the road so that cars can hear them, also there is supposed to be an indicator light for the train crews if the wayside horn does not work they are to use theirs. As to the slow moving trains if there was track work earlier in the day then there is a slow order in affect. If you want to know more let me know so I can ask my father who used to work for the CNW in Elburn before he retired.
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