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Default Caney Fork & Western sightings 8/2/14

My family and I recently relocated to Chattanooga, TN. After weeks of no railfanning activities, I decided to take a ride up to McMinnville, TN and see what power was sitting around at the Caney Fork & Western (CFWR).

I am a big early GE fan (primarily because I grew up with those on the SCL in Charleston, SC), and the CFWR rosters an ex Conrail B23-7.

I rolled into town to find B23-7 107 sitting in nice light at the shop, along with GP7 105 (ex WofA 531) and GP7 106 (ex L&N 2345). 105 and 107 are out of service at present.

There were two cars at the office, and GP7U 104 was absent at the shop and on the Bridgestone Tire plant lead at Morrison. This really had me wondering what was up, and surely they weren't running on a Saturday. This is a line that makes the interchange run to the CSX at Tullahoma 1-2 times a week, and is your typical weekday daylight operation.

I saw many signs along the line a train had been through recently, and sure enough, when I rolled into Tullahoma, TN I found the train tying down a handful of cars for CSX.

GP7U 104 was the sole power, and is still lettered for the Mississippi Tennessee Railroad, which Iron Horse Resources (parent company of the CFWR) no longer operates. A small black CFWR was on the cab side.

The crew noted weekend ops are extremely rare. I guess it was a good day to just head out trackside after all!
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Congrats on the move to TN - pretty good place to be. I've never caught the CF&W working on a Saturday, so you did well there. I have seen CSX set cars out for them on a Friday and wondered if CF&W made a trip to get them on Saturday.
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