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Default Peq???

Is it really a photo that the screener just doesn't want in the DB, or is it something else causing the PEQ like color, lighting, etc.?

I understand that if this would have been the standard daylight wedgie, it would have a snowballs chance... with the "Subject cut off" and the "Front Coupled" locos. The engineer DID stop shorter than I would have liked, which did cut the rightmost loco off in my frame. I hoped to make the proverbial lemonade by cropping and focusing in on the RR's name 'Western New York & Pennsylvania' on that loco. As far as the front coupled, I just didn't think it would really matter in a streak. Besides, how many US railroads do you know that run their class lights if they have them, although these guys only run them for the fun of it.

***Oops, here's the link:***
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It's a hard scene to digest. There's only one thing that draws your eye, and it's that big ol' bright light. The colors are haphazard throughout, with no real pattern or symmetry. The engines are obstructed by the blur, and it's a tad annoying. The power lines are also obtrusive. I would chalk it up as an almost awesome attempt.

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