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Default My first intro to rail photography, took these tonight

I've been photographing aircraft for some time now, and as it's been, it's been a struggle to constantly shoot to the standards that the popular sites, airliners.net and railpictures sister site jetphotos.net have put forth. The quality standard I have nothing against (and I apologize in advance for the incoherence of this particular thread but i do have a few Coors running through me ), but for some reason with aircraft I've always struggled with the motive standards set forth. So with that being said, I think I'd like to start off rail photography the right way, without conforming to any standards and I guess I'll just upload whatever might make it on here. It seems as though you guys prefer to see locomotives and unfortunately this time around I don't have any good shots of any locos, but here are some shots of the Grand Forks rail yard at night:

Canon 20D - Canon EF-S 18-55, just a photo underneath the Columbia St. Bridge

Canon 20D - Sigma 80-400 EX OS APO, just off the railyard is a coal furnace that heats up a steam heater that sends warm steam to the buildings on the University of North Dakota campus. It has a connection to the rail yard, I guess you'd call this the garage.

Hope you enjoy!

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When you upload some RAIL pictures, please let us know. I can't wait to see them. In the mean time, you have some pretty good shots of the underside of a bridge and a building.

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Maybe you'll like this one better? Cause I think its hot

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If you want to do some night photography, Amtrak gets in ~0100L. Or head to the roundhouse, there's usually some engines sitting around there...
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Thanks for the tips, I'll give it a shot sometime.
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E, I don't know what you are getting at. My personal views:

1) it's a bridge shot, not a rail shot. But as a bridge shot, it has good and bad things. First, it is semi-abstract, beams and support structure, that's ok, I guess. The partially hidden lights are distracting to my eye, they seem like they were neither hidden intentionally nor seen the way they should be. The foreground, well, I'm not sure what that adds. The trains are incidental, but it's not a train shot. As an abstract, it doesn't work for me, and as a non-abstract, I would (humbly!) say it doesn't work at all. Maybe just not my cup of tea. What are you intending?

2) Verticals, orange light, a blob (the tractor). Not much there for me, not a shot I find interesting. Is is a study of monochrome orange and verticals? What is the intent of the composition?

3) The foreground item seems cut-off, incomplete. Given it faces up rather than toward the camera, it doesn't seem to participate in the shot yet it is the dominant element. It has no presence. It just looks like a bad shot, that happens to include some railcars. What is your compositional intention? (Do you really think it is hot or were you making a pun because that is a steam vent?)

Based on this limited sample, I do not understand your photography. And of course, as work for RP posting, it is not a match.
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