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Default Sharpness rejection - heat waves?

So this shot was rejected for being too soft:


It was sharpened in the course of it's digital review prior to uploading. To me, the subject and the frame around it has sharpness, while the buildings behind do not (due to the amount of heat being emitted from the unit as it departs from the station).

Appealed and was rejected again...any thoughts?
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I'm looking at the ballast and I'm thinking they're thinking it needs to be sharper. That should be an easy fix. The composition is also a little lacking compared to the rest of your RP collection, in my opinion. To me, the shot needs to be tighter on all four sides, esp. the right and left of the frame. It might also need leveling CW.
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I think the photo just doesn't work as it is and they just choose the first rejection. Your next will probably be bad cropping or under exposed.
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