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Default Didn't think this'd be accepted...

I know there is a topic like this already but it wasn't a clear topic. The question here is whats one or a few shots of yours that you added when you were half asleep or half sober (kidding of course) that you really didn't think would get on and it did!?

One of mine:

Image © Andrew Blaszczyk (2)
PhotoID: 129710
Photograph © Andrew Blaszczyk (2)
-Andrew Blaszczyk a.k.a. AB(2)
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I don't upload shots I think will not make it, to not waste my time or the screeners'. However, I have several times uploaded an uncorrected or unedited version of a picture, simply be attaching the wrong file, and they have been accepted. That really sucked before one could reupload a shot, especially since the nicer looking version sat on my hard drive while the crappy version was up on the web for all to see.

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I would have to say this one:
Image © Mike W.
PhotoID: 137956
Photograph © Mike W.

I personally liked this one a lot, but figured the screeners wouldn't like this one. It sat on my computer for over a month. Then, on one fateful Art Club day when I was bored, I was messing around on the computers and ran it through Photoshop, and submitted it. Lo and behold, when I got home from Art Club, I checked my computer and it had been accepted. Definately my favorite shot that I've gotten on.
-Mike W.
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Two of mine recently... this one...

Image © Richard Hart
PhotoID: 137439
Photograph © Richard Hart

...never thought it'd make it in so I was very pleased when it did. I liked how the dark shadows are starting to fall on the wheels. I B&W converted it and added the filtering-thought it would get kicked for manupulation, so kudos to the open minded screener!

Image © Richard Hart
PhotoID: 136536
Photograph © Richard Hart

Grab shot. I was in conversation when all of a sudden he came flying around the curve, wide open. Just whirled and shot... no time to check camera settings, anything. I uploaded it almost as an afterthought.

Sometimes the grab shots work out the best!

"Truck trailers belong on flatcars"
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Well that would have to be these two:

Image © Peter Van Dyke
PhotoID: 110966
Photograph © Peter Van Dyke

Image © Peter Van Dyke
PhotoID: 46684
Photograph © Peter Van Dyke
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Gordon Graham
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That's mine . ( too many )

All of them are cloudy/rainy day shot ,
but they all get accepted .

Rejected for Poor Image Quality for many times ..
Image © Gordon Graham
PhotoID: 132631
Photograph © Gordon Graham

Shadows .

Rainy day shot .
Image © Gordon Graham
PhotoID: 131453
Photograph © Gordon Graham


Cloudy .
Image © Gordon Graham
PhotoID: 124291
Photograph © Gordon Graham

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Image ©
Photograph ©

This one initially got rejected for blurry, and I figured I'd try sharpening it once and then letting it go if it got rejected (I assumed that it would, but I thought I'd try anyway). I was pleasantly surprised when it was accepted.
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