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Default Canadian National Photo Freight

Lerro Productions Presents:
The Canadian National Photo Freight
Strasburg Railroad’s CN#89 and CN#7312

November 5th 2007

Trip Details:

Unlike any other Strasburg charter, we will heavily emphasize on yard movements with both CN locomotives. The passenger cars in the yard will be cleared leaving only our freight cars as well as several other freight cars that usually never get used during a photo charter.

- Strasburg RR’s #31 will be repainted and number to it’s original paint scheme CN 7312

- Multiple runbys with both locomotives from sunrise to sunset

- Locomotive turns throughout the day

- Yard movements, passing shots and double head runbys. The yard area will be cleared of its passenger cars leaving only our freights cars as well as several other freight cars not usually used on photo charters

- Plenty of props and scene set-ups.

Night Photo Session
(Separate Cost to the daytime charter)

Photo-opps and runbys for both photographers and videographers.

Halogen Lighting (For Maximum Photo and Video Potential)

You will need a tungsten filter if you are shooting color film. B/W film and digital cameras will be able to handle our lighting. Steve Barry will be on hand to do a couple of Lumedyne lit shots if necessary. If you are in need of a tungsten filter, please visit www.2filter.com.

Charter Price

Daytime Session - $300.00 Patron Limit - 50
Nighttime Session - $75.00 Patron Limit – 30

Visit www.LerroProductions.com/photocharters.html
to see more details, purchase tickets and to see pictures from past charters.

This trip is anticipated to sell very quickly. Sign up right away!!!

The Red Caboose Motel is offering us a special deal on their rates. Sunday Night rates will be $10.00 cheaper to paying patrons. If you decided to stay Monday Night as well as Sunday Night, the Red Caboose will give you the second night for half price. Make sure to mention you are with the Pete Lerro Charter and they will give you the discount. If there are any problems, please contact me. The Red Caboose Motel website is www.redcaboosemotel.com

FYI – Steamtown will be having their Railfest Weekend November 2nd, 3rd and 4th. There will be plenty of steam action as well as possible visiting equipment.
Please keep these days in mind so you can plan you trip accordingly.

Pennsylvania Railroad Night Session – November 4 - 5:30-11pm

Pete Lerro III
Lerro Productions
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That's a lot of money. Holy cow! Someone's got a nice retirement plan!

Joseph C. Hinson Photography
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Originally Posted by Joe the Photog
That's a lot of money. Holy cow! Someone's got a nice retirement plan!

A relatively short time ago, it was discovered that some railfans would actually pay this kind of money needed to relive and capture a few scenes from a time long gone..... This is a good thing since without that kind of money these charters simply do not and can not happen.

I don't have the exact numbers but trust me when I say the goal of most groups running such charters is to simply break even.

There are liabiltiy issues with both the railroad and the operator, fuel costs, crew time, materials and supplies (on many charters you may note that the equipment at times has been altered from it's tourist appearance, repainted, back dated or physically altered..... Add line preparation - cutting the brush, offsetting the costs incurred by volunteers, sometimes lunch and /or dinner, and coordination with museum staff and even state and local officials, not to mention the very most expensive part - renting the equipment itself, along with any movement and /or switching costs. The cost of such events is then divided amongst the group - more for small groups and lesser amounts for larger groups. The cost alone to simply rent an engine and consist scares off most would be hosts.

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I am definitely no expert on these matters, least of all in a foreign country - but $300 sounds a reasonable price for what is on offer. Might even have been tempted myself if I lived a little closer.
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Think of it this way....

Strasburg runs with maybe one to 300 people per trip - figure a car holds about 60 to 80 people and there are between 4 and 10 cars - figure they spend $15.00 per ticket and multiply that by say 150 people on the low side in this example; you would have $2,250 per run. Now multiply that by 5 runs in any given day at Strasburg and you have $11,250.00! Now assume you want to run the same engine and consist but with only 50 people for the entire day......

Now add a caboose. Start the day at 6:30 AM for the sunrise shot instead of 11 AM. Now tell the crew you want to tourment thier engines with mulitple runbys - constant stoping, reversing and braking. Add a second engine to the mix for variety. Then tell the crew you need them till 11 PM!

And that still leaves out the extra expense and work that a really good organizer will put into an event.

Pete runs a top notch event, as do many of the other well known organizers - it's rather astounding how much effort goes into them. My hat goes off to anyone who attempts to run such charters but as time goes by, you will note that those that put the greatest amount of effort and professionalism into it are the ones that get the repeat bussiness and are least likely to cancel last minute due to a shortage of funds (paying photographers) to cover the event.

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