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Default Bad cropping rejections - help!

Both of these images were rejected this am for bad cropping. I attempted to use the rule of thirds but it is difficult because there are distracting shadows on the left side of the picture. Any ideas?

Original rejection:

Resubmitted rejection:


Martin Young
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Wow, that's a hard one for me...I think you would have been better off if you had a shot with the whole signal bridge in it. I think that's what's really messing you up...

Just my two cents...
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I think the first one is better, but take off space on the right and bottom.
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The first image is definitely the one to go with. It also looks as if you need to rotate it CCW a little bit and I would crop some plain sky off the top as well as crop bottom and right as previously mentioned.
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train is too far to the left. Distracting shadows in the foreground. highway bridge is annoying. Focus is grat, no blur, good depth of field, great sky!
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