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Default Boise Valley yard switcher shot

Click image for larger version

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Yesterday, I got this shot of a Boise Valley Railroad yard job. What do you think of this shot?

First off, I guess it might be a problem that the reefer at right is cut off? But I was having to lift the camera over a fence in order to get this shot, and so the viewfinder was at such an angle to me that I couldn't see the shot very well.

Secondly, if the engine is unlevel, look at the quality of the yard track, which was recently cleared of some dirt.

What do you think?
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Yes, the reefer is a problem. No, RP does not care about your struggles in getting a shot, sorry to say; no credit for that in terms of having the screening be less strict. You also have a lamp popping in out of nowhere on the left. You also have a switchstand popping up at the bottom that is cut off too much for my tastes. The biggest issue for me is not so much the cut off reefer as it is that the part you do see is a bit too dominant in the frame. Looks underexposed.

Adjustments for next time: less sky, more at the bottom. Maybe shooting from a bit to the left will reduce the visual impact of the reefer, in part by getting away from it a bit, in part because maybe then you get an angle that allows you to see its side, which would also give it less visual impact. And it would also give a bit of visual space between the engine and the vertical tanks on the left.

But the big thing, if you have a difficult to shoot location and a static composition, shoot it a gazillion times! Yes, hard to shoot over a fence. Did you shoot it 40 times and choose the best result? Did you shoot it 10 times, then go through the images on the back of your camera to see how they came out, then shoot 10 more, then repeat the process?
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