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Default Help with rejected image....

I hate sounding like a whiner....but is this image really that bad? I tried to appeal it, but the appeal was turned down as well...

"Poor lighting (Backlit): The image is backlit or doesn't feature enough nose light on the subject."

I have seen many images on this site that were accepted with a lot of back lighting...or insufficient light on the nose of the locomotive....perhaps the screener was having a bad day. =)
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Christopher Muller
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Wrong side of the tracks... look at the plow area, just a little of the bottom has sun on it.
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Switched out
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The one thing that really stands out in your shot are the dark shadows on the ballast from the locos this detracts a little from the over all shot even though you have good detail in the shadow areas. I also found the image to be a bit to bright for my liking and I also tend to like contrasty Black and White shot but that's just me.

I had a fiddle with the curves adjustment in photoshop just to see what it looked like if you increased the contrast to the image. I also cropped a little from the top, bottom and right side to make it a little more in your face type shot.

I don't think its a bad shot and it reminds me of some of the photos I have seen in books on the UP.


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Thanks for the input gang...I will try again!
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There's nothing wrong with back lighting and shadows, but they need to contribute to the composition. On your version, the nose of the locomotive doesn't stand out enough from the background, nor do the stack cars. Christine's version has better contrast. Also, your sky is too pale, hers has more drama.

I'm assuming this is a digital shot that you converted to B&W. Take a look at the color version and see what it looks like. The containers might stand out better in color, as may the engines themselves. Also, how does the sky look in color?

I think there's a good shot there, with suitable contrast improvements, in either B&W or color.

Michael Allen
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John West
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Smile There's a good shot there

I'll jump on the bandwagon with Michael. The basic composition is nice (although I wish there was a bit more space between the nose and the pole). The problem is as submitted the back lighting detracts rather than adds to the picture. As usual Christine's version is an improvement, but as Michael suggests perhaps you can do even better using the original. The goal in my mind would be to exploit the backlighting to increase contrast (perhaps selectively) and add some drama to the image.

John West

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Joe the Photog
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It almost has an infared feel to it, although I'm by far all that knowledgeable on infared. I would not go too crazy trying to gte that shot accepted here because I think the shot is great as is! Maybe a litte tweak here or there.
Joe the Photog Dot Com
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