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Default Favorite Amtrak Locomotives

Personally I like the Genesis and the Acela HHP-8
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Default Amtrak Locos

Even if they weren't all that reliable as was public opinion at the time (was it official opinion too?), I like the diesel locos Amtrak used in the early 70's. I am not 'Mr. Locomotive' and I suppose I could look it up, but I believe they were E9's, and they were painted silver with black noses and roofs and had their road numbers and the 'broken arrow' logo on their sides. To me, they were Amtrak's best-looking locomotives, though I suppose not their best performing, and not by a long shot.


I also like the F40PH. It's hard to believe I lived through their entire service life with Amtrak. Weren't they supposed to have lasted longer?

I generally don't have anything negative to say about locomotive appearances, but among the ugliest I would say are the Genesis type and the old New York Central boxcabs. What are the merits of the Genesis type's boxy design? I'm sure their designers had good reason for giving them their bulky, unappealing look, but whatever those reasons are isn't readily apparent to me.

The Acela Express is sleek and impressive, but I usually see them shuffling along through New Rochelle Station at slow speeds due to the 15-mph speed limit at Shell Interlocking. It irks me that they don't travel as fast as they could go if the tracks could handle them. I think the difference in travel time between an Acela Regional and an Acela Express between New York and Boston is 40 minutes, comparing trains #190 and #2190, for example. It seems the fare is the most noticeable difference!

I would have to say the NYO&W, Lehigh Valley and the Santa Fe Railroads had the best looking passenger locos, even though I've only seen pictures of them. The New Haven RR paint scheme on some of Metro-North locomotives also is very appealing.

Has anyone else had difficulty choosing the right exposure for their photos of Genesis locos? The angle of the nose seems to catch glare and ruin many of my otherwise properly exposed photos.

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Its a hard decision for me between the F59PHI and the Dash 8-32BHW.
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Default Amtrak

Best looking...no doubt about it GG1's...followed by E8's. I know they weren't very reliable, but I still liked the SDP40Fs
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You all couldn't help it....
How could you make an accurate list without knowledge of THE engine which belongs at #1 on any Amtrak list?

Image © Tim Darnell
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I always like the E-60's, too. Lean and mean (and wobbly over 100 mph).
The Genesis units (which I didn't like at all) have grown on me. Modern F's with a menacing face. The fading stripes were cool.

Stop, look and comment!
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The best you say? You can't top the EMD F40PH and the SDP40F... Of course, I have a little preference of the SDP40F's...

Originally Posted by Mark Rosnick
I know they weren't very reliable, but I still liked the SDP40Fs
The SDP40F's could have been made reliable very easily. Simple modifications to the rear car body water tank would have solved most problems.

Once the locomotive were sold to ATSF, the locomotives had their steam generator equipment removed and operated for years with no problems on the ATSF and later on the BNSF.

At one point, Amtrak was even considering installing HEP generators into the units, but later chose to purchase the F40PH's from EMD.

- SDP40F Restoration Project Crew member
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