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Default Photoshop 6.0

I just acquired Photoshop 6.0, and would like to get your guys' techniques on how you use Photoshop to edit your photos. With the software I've used previously, I did the same thing or something very similar everytime I editted a photo, and I'm assuming you guys do the same thing with Photoshop. I'm not looking for links to a Photoshop guide...I want to know your personal techniques in how you edit with Photoshop, preferrably step-by-step from when you first open your image.

Thanks in advance for helping me out with this!!
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I have moved from Photoshop 7 to CS, but after RAW conversion my workflow is similar. In PS7, I converted the image from RAW in the Canon software to a TIFF a then processed that file is PS7.

(1) Brighten/Contrast/Curves as necessary
(2) Saturate about 8-10 notches in the slider abr
(3) Resize the image to 1024*xxx for upload to the web
(4) "Save As" as a maximum quality JPEG

(1) Exposure Compensation/Brighten/WB in the Adobe Camera RAW window
(2) Sharpen/Saturate/Resize to 1024*xxx for upload to the web
(3) "Save As" a mazimum quality JPEG

This is my basic process that I go through to get a "finished" photo, but some photo's require more work than others.

Hope this helps!
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I also convert the photo to photoshop format before I start and I also use the save for the web function. Converting to the photoshop format alows for changes to layers after saving the file. Using the "save for the web" function is an easy way to get the file size of the jpeg down to whatever you want.

Hope this helps also.
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