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I haven't been to the forums in so long! WOW, I miss threads like this.

People charge me with being pompous when I browbeat the nitwits who complain endlessly (ah hell, I've done my share) about their garbage not getting accepted here at RP. This feels like home, where do I sign up to sandbag this critter?

My advice, learn to take a decent photograph by means of (1) using decent equipment, not the 2.1mpx HP digi-cam that came with your new printer; (2) gain a sense of composition; and (3) learn how to expose the damn thing manually! There is nothing worse than consistently using AUTO for every shot you take. I deal with enough people like that in my other photographic interests.

With all due respect to the valiant effort Tim Huemmer supplies at, the majority of the photos posted there are pure crapola. They are the misfit toys that didn't make Santa's "take out" list, and it shows. I'd say that this guy's photos belong over there. Unfortunately, I viewed this thread far too late to actually see the garbage he submitted.

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