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Default Help with this one...

I can usually figure the problem out pretty quick.

Photo : http://www.railpictures.net/viewreje...d=524202&key=0

Anywase, I have been trying to be more "unique" with my photos where I can. I figured something like this would be eye catching.

Once rejected, I cropped, only to get uncorrected reupload. I then appealed the first rejection [bad angle] and stated that I am showing the 5700, crew bus, and the crew. Within 1024X7XX.

I realize that the screener may have not read my appeal? And that he is screening multiple photos, appeals, etc.



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A side shot is normally a roster shot. With yours, you are giving "equal weight" to the engine, crew and bus. Perhaps it would have been best to key on one of them by shooting more from the front of the train ... assuming you could have gotten closer to compose such a shot.
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