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Default condensation inside the lense

Im sure many of you happen to have done this serveral times where you forgot to take your camera or cameras in from the night before.(fall nights) I noticed some condensation on my leses this morning so I attemted to clean it off but when I got back home I saw it was under the top of the glass of the main camera Should I leave the cap off and let it dry? I just checked it from this morning still has condensation How long does it usualy take for it to dry off I have left it in the sun to dry up(inside of corse) any more tips?
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Well I have never really had this problem but I have heard of people putting the camera inside a ziploc bag as soon as they got it inside, but since it has been a few hours for you, I would probably just keep it at room temperature and let it dry out. Is this a SLR lens we are talking about?
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My treatment with cold lenses (generally at below freezing temps but it depends on how humid the warm air is) being brought into warmth was to LEAVE the caps on so that the condensation would form on the caps, not the glass.

Only thing you can do is wait till the lens warms up to room temp. Hair dryers have no real effect that I can tell.

Internal condensation usually goes away with no harm. Still, it's not a good idea because sometimes internal dirt causes a haze to form. Then it's to the service man the lens must go.

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A suggestion that used to work for me. When I was a newspaper photographer, I always carried a large trash bag in my camera bag. If I was outside in the cold for a long period of time, I'd put the entire bag over my camera bag, and close it. I would let it warm up for about 10-15 minutes and voila...no condensation on my cameras or lenses. This really was helpful in the winter covering swim meets. I'll never know why they consider swimming to be a winter sport here in PA. Hope this helps.
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