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Dennis A. Livesey
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Default Abandoned film

I came upon this site via my friend Jack.


This fellow collects old consumer cameras with exposed undeveloped film still in them. Then he develops the film and finds fascinating, touching images.

On this page behind the gravestone, you will see a '70's freight train in the background.

I Foam Therefore I Am.

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Cool find Dennis. Those photos raise a lot of questions!
Now with Flickr!
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Joe the Photog
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Looks like ole Mertin found himself a young lady to marry!
Joseph C. Hinson Photography
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Mr. Pick
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That was cool. I strolled through the rest of the site and it was interesting to see what they found in those old cameras. There were some interesting old cameras in there too.
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Thanks for sharing -very cool. I'm just gonna go ahead and believe that that's actually lincoln: http://westfordcomp.com/classics/anscoflex/
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Holloran Grade
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Wink People are Strange.

I really wonder how much the guy has found that would actually be considered porno.

I had a friend that worked for many years in a photo lab and they had the "nudie cutie file" that was located in a shoe box (the box was full).

Some of them were rather extreme and there were rolls that they flat out refused to print.
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That was undoubtedly my favorite part of working in a photo lab. I'm just happy I had a stomach for it.
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