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Default Revenge

My roommate has offically crossed the line. I have kept the train garb in my dorm to a minimum (Amtrak poster and a picture of a Dash-9). But last night coming home I heard him talking to our neighbor:
"I dont know where he is, probably [self pleasuring himself] to a train. Hes weird. Instead of doing his math homework, he was on some stupid train website []. Hes a loser."

Keep in mind that we're in the same math class he never did his homework but I did mine. I think Im going to get my revenge by not talking to him for a while and eating his food, unless someone else has any better ideas AHH, so is college life!
~Mike Bjork

UP's new slogan for Amtrak:
"We'll help you spread you wings and fly right into a siding!"

TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS!!! May the fun never end!
I'm a traitor! Im on! But all my plane shots involve trains!

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