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Default Bad colour - but which way ?

This is from a scanned 35mm slide and got hit for bad colour but I can't see it myself,so I'm looking for some advice - which you guys seem pretty good at giving.So,give up trying or try again ?

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Chris Z
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On my monitor it looks like there's a green tinge on the entire image. May need to work on color balance.

Chris Z
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Hi Dave,

I'm thinking green also. Not sure what color that building in the background is supposed to be, but if it's really white, then it does have a greenish hue. Also, check out the yellow band at the edge of the platform. While it may be faded, it's probably not as pale as it looks. Even the concrete looks greenish. I don't know what to make of the train color, as I'm not familiar with the colors on that line. As Chris noted, you will want to play with the color balance and saturation. Everything looks a bit too pale.

A couple of other notes.... There is a lot of glare on the sides of the train, which may be unavoidable, but it's not helping your color issue. Also, the crop is just a bit on the tight side for my eye. If the original slide has a little more breathing room, you might try adding a little bit on the top and sides.

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It seems to be quite difficult to get Large Logo blue photos on the database. It took three attempts to get this on, being knocked back for bad colour every time.

I don't think the image suffers from being too green, Monastral Blue is quite greenish anyway in some lights.
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Originally Posted by ROn_J View Post
I don't think the image suffers from being too green, Monastral Blue is quite greenish anyway in some lights.
there is green on the platform, on the yellow stripe, in the halo around the lights on the posts, on the wall behind and to the right of the nose ...

Attached is a 5-second fix, more effort will yield better results. I agree with Kevin on the crop and the glare.

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