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Default Worth persuing?

I submitted this earlier but it has been rejected for poor cropping - I was expecting PEQ to be honest. Is it worth re-editing the shot to try and get it on the database or is it a lost cause? Any suggestions from the floor would be welcome.
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I think it's pretty neat, but my opionion really doesnt matter. See if you can crop/clone out those 2 ugly sodium lamps on the right of the frame and crop it in a little tighter on the right. You might end up with a PEQ, but who knows. Night shots like these are pretty subjective and depends on the screener, I have had little luck with them, but really have only tried a couple, and they were not great.
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Why upload a shot you figure will be rejected?

quality, not quantity.

It's too in your face, and the in your face isn't real interesting.

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I expect every shot I upload to be rejected. Then when I get one accepted it comes as a pleasant surprise - if it doesn't get on then it's not the end of the world. For the record, this is the third shot I have uploaded this year and the first reject.

I'll not waste any more time on this one. Onwards ever onwards!
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I agree with Loyd's comments. I think the streak is too high in the frame and that ruins it for me. I'd tuck this one away in the personal archives.

Chase Gunnoe
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