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Default Light or dark ?

Can anybody show me the difference between CSX's light and dark futures?
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Jonathan Guy
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Default Re: CSX Schemes

Here is what is commonly called the 'Bright Future' scheme:
Notice the gray, blue and bright yellow combination.

Here's a photo by Brian Wiggins that shows the 'Dark Future' scheme. I don't think CSX really appreciates the DF nickname :P

Here is a pic of a 'Bright Future' with a 'Dark Future' trailing. This will give you a better idea of the different shades of blue and yellow/gold used.

The new CSX scheme reminds me of the old C&O paint. I like this new scheme, but it lacks some of the flair of the 'Bright Future'.
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I have a stupid question: What does the "futures" part of the scheme mean?
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Originally Posted by busyEMT
I have a stupid question: What does the "futures" part of the scheme mean?
Actually, that's a very good question.

I think its a symbol of growth and prosperity. CSX stands for 'Chessie' 'Seaboard' and the 'X' stands for expansion and growth. The 'Dark Future' name is more or less a little joke made up because of the darker colors used.

'Dark Future' = YN3

'Bright Future' = YN2
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Gregory Wallace
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If CSX asks me -- and something tells me they won't -- I prefer the Dark Future color-scheme.

I didn't realize there were two schemes -- I'm not sure I've ever seen the Dark one, but I'll be looking for it now. Thanks for the good topic.
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My only complaint with the 'Dark Future' scheme is that it looks black when doing night shots.
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The name "bright future" caught on after CSX developed a very nice paint scheme that replaced the solid gray "stealth" paint in the late 1980`s. The 1st bright future paint scheme was applied to a pair of B36-7`s in March 1990.

The "dark future" is called that because of the way it looks , it covers the locomotive in one huge dark color.
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