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With all those strobes going off, I am really surprised that the crew does not think they were just struck by lighting or something. Those are awesome photos, even though some look like a model set like on this issue of TRAINS. I know that I never will be able to take photos like that in my life time. All of those photographers deserve a lot of credit for them. I never heard of OWL but I will be doing a search for him and be reading up to see what I can learn.

This is just a hobby for me and I honestly think I will never have any of RP worthiness but my kids will have a whole mess load to look at when they are my age and see the difference in times. It is interesting though with the points of the photographs back in the "Steam Era" do have a lot more people shots in them. Just thinking about looking at a lot of photos a friend had of Jersey Central, and a video I have of those days, and 99% of them had people in them doing something railroad oriented. I guess a good reason of that is back in those days if you took a picture with someone in it, it was not big deal. Now adays you need waivers and what not.
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Originally Posted by khalucha
With all those strobes going off, I am really surprised that the crew does not think they were just struck by lighting or something.
I've heard that sometimes it does seem like unexpected lightning. In Gary's case, however, he does do a pre-shot flash as a heads-up. How that is received on lines where he is not known, I don't know.

This is just a hobby for me and I honestly think I will never have any of RP worthiness
Look, it is a challenge, but in another sense it also isn't THAT difficult to get a basic wedgie shot on RP. Don't shoot for the stars, just go for a basic image. I've previously done a write-up on how to do it:


Just remember how to PUNT!
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I've always been fascinated, and intrigued by Gary's work on here. Hopefully this Fall, I'll be on hand to help make the nighttime magic (I'm really eager to see how it's all done )

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Gary has many reasons for taking pictures at night, and one of them was because he was frustrated of seing trains pass him by on the mainly noctural D&H line if memory serves me well.
Here's the article: http://www.railpictures.net/articles/article.php?id=7

The "Owl" and him don't have much in common if you ask me. As I'm starting to discover for the last few months, Gary is having a blast lighting up whatever he wants to make up and compose his pictures... Don't want a tree in the picture? Then just don't light it up... Simple as that.

Concerning crews being totaly blinded by the flashes, read my comments on this picture:

As for the material used to take night pictures, as opposed to Gary, I use low-tech and used stuff along with manual control on my digital camera: price paid for the lighting: @ $300 And while I won't create masterpieces with this equipment, it will let me take pictures of speeding trains at night time and that satisfies me
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