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I don't anyone is saying that the camera doesn't matter at all. Just that it is not the sole determining factor in whether a shot will turn out or not. In my day job as a photographer for a TV station, I shoot the morning live shot every day. As such, a lot of peole who are on the show bring out the cameras. A lot of them have digital rebels either like mine (the 300D) or a newer model. And I see that the vast majority of them shoot on full auto. I just shake my head when that little internal flash thingie pops up even with all of my bright TV lighting. I know these guys do not get as good of a shot as most of us on this board.

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Ryan W
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I appreciate all of the advice so far people. I will definatly take it all into consideration and keep coming back to it for a referance.

My camera is a Fugifilm E550 Finepix. 6.3 Megapixel.
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Thats plenty of camera Ryan, I just got a photo accepted using a weak little Fujifilm 3800 with only 3.2 MP
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