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Default Flat Panel Monitors


I'm looking into getting a new computer to replace the ancient, 1 GHz clunker I'm using now. I currently have a Sony Trinitron CRT-type monitor that has served me well and continues to do so. I could either keep the CRT or replace it with one of those flat panel monitors.

Do any of you have experience with flat panel monitors for photo processing? I've seen some that just look awful and some that look downright gorgeous. Is there a specific technology that I should be looking for? Are there brands that are better than others? Need some advice.


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The newer flat screen monitors that have the glossy look - they look great but aren't the best for photo editing because of the glare.
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Saw an article in one of the photo rags about this subject, and there was a very affordable Samsung monitor that was recommended. I'll see if I can find that article.
I use a Samsung Syncmaster 204B at home and would rate it as "acceptable". There are certainly much better monitors out there now. We use Dell FP's at work, and I have two Dells at my station. One is beautiful, the other one the colors are really whack.
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Default Stick with it

As it is working well I would stick with the Sony.

I think that currently CRTs still have the edge for photo work.

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I agree as long as the CRT works well (no signs of dying like color changes in parts of the screen or bending of images especially along the edges,) I would stick with that.

As far as consumer flat screens go, Samsung and LG make really good models that are under the $500 range. I love the CRTs though, I still use one of the clunky Apple ones from around 2000 and it works great...

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I use an LG Flatron 19" flatscreen and I like it a lot. If I could afford it I would my one of those mechanical devices for calibrating the monitor, but that's not an option now.
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