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Default Camera Shake and Image Stabilization

Greetings All,

I've recently tried filming with my DSLR... Finally venturing into HD footage. I've had a good share of filming with standard definition, and I've never come across this problem before...

When the train is passing by you can see in the footage the camera is shaking due to the obvious reason the heavy train is shaking the ground. My standard def cameras have always absorbed this very well, even when there is extreme rumbling. But even with the most minor of vibration, its shows up on my HD footage, and it looks horrible.

I tried running it through a Warp Stabilizer option on Adobe Premiere Pro, and while it helps, it doesn't fix the problem. I am using a very sturdy tripod as well. I'm just curious if others have had this same problem, and if anyone had any advice?

Thanks in advance!
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Without being there or seeing the footage, I can only offer an opinion. I am pretty sure you are having either rolling shutter or image stabilizer issues. Not much you can do about rolling shutter. I would try the next runby hand held. I bet it is fine then. Long term solution maybe to get a gimbal such as one by ikan. However, you probably want to use a tripod so hopefully the issue is an image stabilizer function in your lens. Whenever you put an image stabilized lens/camera on a tripod, check to see if it is supposed to be turned off if on a tripod. Next runby, turn it off and see if that works.

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Just out of curiosity, how close to the tracks are you shooting these videos?

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