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Default Jumping Ship for Flickr?

I'm hearing from more and more veteran photographers who are just quietly walking away from and its periodic drama in favor of posting their shots on Flickr. Of course that's much easier, and lacks a number of features that make desirable---but if their goal is just to share images on line with others (particularly like-minded photographers), it's a great option. Of course no one is voting on PCAs, or offering advice on how to crop a shot, or level it or improve the color or contrast----because no one is asking, and no one cares. Sure, there's a lot of crap on Flickr, but I'll likely view only the shots of photographers I know to be good.

I haven't started doing that (a Flickr account)...but I think I will. While I don't think you'll see a mass exodus from, I would be willing to bet some of the better OLD photographers will just stop submitting images. That's what I would do (or more likely, I wouldn't upload images at anywhere near the pace I have in earlier years).

I don't think this will damage at all, but it will make "room" for younger photographers to show their efforts. And, that's a good thing. It's just part of an evolving process, and people tend to eventually vote with their feet.
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