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Default Ironic PCA

I havent posted anything in a long time, but i have recently found myself in a situation which i was clearly on the opposing side of. Long time ago i had expressed my thoughts about photogs getting both a POTW and PCA award in the same week. I had expressed that it was wasteful and to repetitive to have the same material on the front page.

Well, not to brag or anything, but i have bitten my own tounge here, and i recently am a recipient of this issue (well mabey not an issue to some).

However, i am not complaining (who would) but i just wanted to give thanks to all of you who voted for my PCA spot. I sincerely appreciate it, i was just content with a POTW. But thanks you to all of you who gave me that oppurtunity to grab both awards, it has been a fun week answering some emails of curious photographers and responding to the compliments. I really appreciate it, thanks RP viewers/ photogs.

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A well earned PC, Pat.

The train of thought... was that if a photo is good enough for any such credit, it was entitled to such, not wieghted against other concurrent distinctions. Personally, I agree with you when it comes to a screener's choice getting a POTW - it does seem redundant especially considering there is no shortage of unrecognized talent. On the other hand, a PC is different as it is from the People, perhaps the best mark of recogintion as it is voted by a group of your peers rather then one individual. That makes the PC completely independent of the other two. Course, if that were true, you could never hit a tripple.


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An interesting thought, and congrats for the PC and POTW awards Pat (yours was the only one of my four choices to actually get a PC )

Just had a quick look at SC's and POTW's. Of the 90 most recent Screeners' Choice, 30 have PC as well.

Of the 90 most recent POTW, 63 have PC's as well of which 16 are also SC's.

As for the "treble", there are 14 pics that have acheived this altogether, of which 7 were #1 in the PC award - so are these 7 pics arguably the "best on the site"?

The figures might be slightly out as I counted quickly, also I don't think the PC awards were in existence 90 weeks ago or the figure that co-incides might be higher.
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