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Default Approaching RailPictures.Net's 1 year anniversary!

In two days, we'll be celebrating the one year anniversary of the first photo being added to RailPictures.Net!

In anticipation of this milestone, I would just like to thank everyone who's made it possible.

First, Chris Starnes, who's done so much to keep this site running on a day-to-day basis. It's very much appreciated, and the site wouldn't be here without you!

Also, to the screening crew... no matter what some people may say, I believe you guys do an outstanding job. You're never going to please all of the people all of the time, but the tremendous growth this site has seen over the past year shows that you guys are indeed doing a manificent job!

And above all, to the 750+ photographers who have included photos in our database over the past year. Without you, this site is nothing. I've spent countless hours enjoying the breathtaking and stunning photos uploaded here, and have had my eyes opened to different railroading genres, locations, and photography styles which I would never have otherwise had the chance to experience. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I can't begin to describe how proud I am to be associated with everyone who makes RailPictures.Net what it is today, and indeed with the website itself.

In under a year, this site has gone from nothing but a bunch of code, and two determined administrators, to the largest and most visited railroad interest website on the web!

We're busier than TrainOrders.Com, and busier than Trains.Com -- two of the most widely regarded 'official' railroad information sites. Our photo database greatly surpasses the others out there, in terms of both quantity and quality of photos.

Yes, we have stringent upload standards -- and yes, that has alienated some people. But my goal, and the goal of the team, is to make this site appealing for everyone, from the casual viewer, to the die-hard train fan, to the railroad magazine editor looking for that particular shot for publication. A site like this must have standards to work, and unfortunately, sometimes those standards are unable to be met.

I do guarantee, though, that this entire team is commited to doing our absolute best to make a fair assessment of every photo, and to make what would be unanimously regarded amongst the team as the 'right decision.' We're human, and sometimes this doesn't happen -- but that's our goal.

I guess that's about it from my end.. but in closing, I'd like to just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAILPICTURES.NET! This first year has been an amazing ride, and it can only get better.

All the best,
Chris Kilroy
Editor, RailPictures.Net
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