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Default NS Conductor Pulls Woman Off Tracks

Thought y'all might find this interesting,

From the NS Facebook page:

"Norfolk Southern conductor’s heroic action saves a life on the Central Division.
Under normal circumstances, conductor James Broyles would never jump off the front of a moving locomotive. In the late morning of Oct. 14, however, Broyles earned hero status when he leaped off a train to save the life of a woman near downtown Knoxville.

Broyles and locomotive engineer Jimmy Anderson were on a run from Knoxville to Loudon, Tenn., when they saw someone sitting on the tracks directly ahead of their train. Anderson immediately began braking while sounding the horn and locomotive bell. Broyles moved to the nose of the locomotive and yelled at the woman to move to safety. As their 82-car, mile-long train slowed to 10-12 miles per hour, the woman stood but remained on the tracks.

“Jimmy told me that he would not be able to stop in time and that I was going to have to do something,” Broyles said. “At the speed the train was going, I couldn’t stand by and let something like that happen when I could get off and go in front of the engine.”

Dismounting the locomotive, Broyles ran a few steps ahead of the train and pulled the woman off the tracks just as the locomotive passed by them. “I didn’t want to hurt somebody,” Broyles said. “I couldn’t live with myself if something happened that I could have prevented.”

The woman, who was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, was later charged with trespassing and interference with the railroad. After the scene was cleared, the train continued to Chattanooga. “Broyles and Anderson reminded us that they still had a train to move and a customer to serve and asked if they could be on their way,” said Shannon Mason, assistant division superintendent, Central Division.

Broyles, an NS conductor since 2010, does not consider himself to be a hero, but others disagree.

“Mr. Broyles performed a very heroic act. As quickly as this incident unfolded, he had to be acting on instinct,” said Terry Evans, vice president transportation. “This is another example of the wonderful people we have in our company. Acts of bravery like this are not seen every day, which makes it even more special that James is part of the NS family.”


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