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Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
I'm really surprised you take this view, Doug.

You suggest now that admin has removed Top of Last 24 privileges to four whole people, (though Kevin B can still get one in every time) and the problem's been solved, despite that others, though not as prolific, still do the same. It's a step in the right direction, but if you scroll the pics on any given day, you'll see an average - some lower, some higher, yet STILL those that are significantly higher in views DESPITE quality, or if quality, they still manage overtake other more appealing images - personal taste factors in, of course, but favorites and commenting often suggest more appealing images are being buried (aka, hidden /less viewed) under better campaigned images. I always (had) liked the fact that unlike the periodicals, on RP, it was not who you knew, or how hard you brown nosed and campaigned, but rather, the quality of your photo that got your images seen.

(Incidentally, I'd have no issue with Erik Lindgren occupying the Top of the Last 24 - 24/7 - I think images like his are fantastic. But when often generic shots overtake such shots considerably faster than pics the likes of his, it's frustrating not only to long time patrons, but new patrons still getting a feel for the site.)
If only four photographers have been throttled by the new restrictions, then my thinking is incorrect. My belief is that these are global changes, and not targeted. I have not noticed any out-of-place images since Kevin posted his observations. If you have evidence that others are still linking successfully, let's have it. I will also say that I have had very little time to pay much attention in the past week due to personal commitments, so I may well have missed something.

WRT Erik, he and I have followed each other on Flickr for several years, and we met a couple of years ago. He is a great guy, and puts a lot of effort into finding unique light, yielding incredible results.

Originally Posted by Mgoldman View Post
No - when /where did I even come close to suggesting a participation award? I am simply suggesting getting away from the train magazine practice where it's always a small circle of photographers that regularly get featured most prominently - regardless of the appeal of their photos. I like a little variety. I have no qualms sharing the front page with other great photographers that would otherwise be unseen at Top 5th pic of the Last 24. Last thing I'd like to see on RP are more photographers leaving or not joining because they can't break into the circle - at least, not without significant link whoring or prolific linking.

Incidentally - As much as I really enjoy your pics, I sense some possible bias in that you personally might lose some front page time which after hours on the front page, you might forfeit some time later at #1 to allow some other photographers a little spotlighting. I think many here get a little frustrated when they see their pic - perhaps one they really want seen, happens to post along with someone's derailment series. Or Darwins... Larry's Trucks, Ect.
I don't think that success on RP has anything to do with knowing somebody in the "circle" - I sure don't. Before coming here, very few people knew who I was, and I maintained a relatively low profile. After 20 years of only shooting as many rolls of film in a year as I used to shoot on a ten-day vacation, I just wanted to see if my stuff stood the test of time. Other than some banter here on the forums, I still do not have any "presence" here other than one or two postings most days. I'm pretty sure that Erik didn't arrive here because he was part of the "circle", and he certainly has flourished.

I also think you overestimate the amount of front page time I would lose. A lot of my stuff doesn't see the top 4, and my post yesterday is the only one to go to number one in some time. I'm quite content to see other's work in those spots, if they haven't been campaigned. As a matter of fact, I would be just fine seeing the top ten of the past 24 hours on the front page without some convoluted rolling formula to throw some photos out to get more exposure for others. That seems like a simpler and better solution to the concern about exposure for all that you have.
Doug Lilly

My RP Pics are HERE.

I've now got a Flickr. account, too.

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