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Default That's... not common power, but ok?

So, was going through folders on my computer of old photos, figured this would be an interesting one to submit - B40-8s in a rainstorm in a seldom photographed location, what could go wrong? As it turns out, that means nothing, because apparently in 2020, B40-8s still count as "common/standard power", and unique locations as "common/standard angles and scenes"...
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The rain smear on the second engine is distracting. Also, the rainfall is not supportive to the shot because the drops are not creating a visual impact.

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Joseph Cermak
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Perhaps a different frame but show the rain better, as well as not have that brush in front of the lead unit's trucks. I think the shot may have potential but needs some more adjustment.
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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
The rain smear on the second engine is distracting. Also, the rainfall is not supportive to the shot because the drops are not creating a visual impact.

Loyd L.
I think that sums it up nicely. Shooting through rain is challenging. The watery filter takes the detail out of many elements in the photo. Unless the rain is obvious, it just results in blah.... That's what's going on here. I also agree that the close in smear is really distracting. You get that shooting in snow too, when a flake crosses really close to the lens. That's why I wish Jim Thias would patent and sell his wicked cool "rain/snow hood." I want one of those in my bag.

Shutter speed and aperture are really key in rain. You want a tighter aperture for more DOF, and a slower (but not too slow) shutter, for some obvious rain blur. It's best to burst, so if you get the "rogue drop" that's too close, like we see here, you've probably got other frames you can work with. Definitely stay away from "Auto" settings.

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It's one of those shots that's just not quite there. It's not dramatic enough to be a "good rain shot", so you got the common power rejection because it can be done over in better light conditions...or worse-weatherwise. It's kind of like that time in the evening where the sun is down, but it's not dark enough to be a good night time photo if that makes sense.
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It is grainy as well. You are exceeding your camera's ability to shoot at whatever ISO you used.
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I can't get past the part that B40-8s aren't common power when you can go back to that railroad and apparently shoot the same loco in better weather
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