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Default New & Improved Upload page

Hi all,

You've made demands for an Upload page that remembers previous selections, and we've listened.

All sections on the upload page, with exception of the file selection window (for obvious reasons), and the photo categories (snow shots, street running, derailments, etc.) will remember your settings from upload to upload.

To accomplish this, the Country/City menus had to be reprogrammed from scratch, as the previous javascript selection menus were incompatible with the system used to remember the settings.

The new Country/City menus are in a popup, and are programmed totally in PHP, which means that only the selections you need are actually ever loaded. Thus, this move has reduced the size of the Upload page from about 400kb to around 35kb as well, with the Country/City popup window being only around 10kb.

Additionally, after you upload a photo, you will be presented with two options:

Add another photo (with previous settings remembered)
Add another photo (without previous settings remembered [cleared form])

This way, if you're uploading a photo that has absolutely nothing to do with the previous photo you just uploaded, you may start fresh with a clean Upload form.

I hope these new features make uploading easier on your guys!
Chris Kilroy
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