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Default Composite images from the camera.

I figured this would be an interesting discussion, since the consensus has always appeared to me that extensive post-processing in photoshop is largely seen as a bad thing, particularly if you add something to a photo that wasn't already there such as stars, the moon or whatever. Conversely, removal of something that was in the photo such as poles, fiberoptic markers, and branches is seen as equally egregious.

So, for those who shoot Nikon bodies and maybe others, and those who have ample experience with film cameras, you are almost certainly familiar with the concept of "multiple exposures".

For whatever reason, Canon didn't really see fit to include this feature in their digital bodies. Nikon however, appreciated the application and it is still available as a digital feature that can be produced in camera before the image ever comes off the memory card.

So my question to you is: Does processing of this nature, when performed in the camera itself, still meet the sniff test as an authentic photograph? Or does this now transgress into the realm of extensive "doctoring" of an image?

My opinion is, the photo is legit, if done with the actual Multiple Exposure feature, the image comes off the camera as a single RAW file, not multiple, much like it would have from a film camera.

As an example, I submit the following for consideration. This is NS 204 passing by a farm in Boyce, VA with a CP SD90MAC. This image was processed in the camera and spit out as a single RAW file. I have uploaded 3 versions of the photo to my FLICKR page for those that want to compare the original source image (1/200th OCF shot) with the one processed in Photoshop, and then one processed on board the camera.

CP 9142 in Big Sky Virginia by hoydie17, on Flickr
See my work on FLICKR: Night Stalker Photo Works on FLICKR

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