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Default BNSF Replaces UP on Sherer Coal Trains

After seeing the posts last night about a crew change and departure from Sheffield, AL I wasn't sure we'd get to see the first BNSF train for the changing of the guard. I left work at 06:30, looked around at the usual crew change locations to make sure the train wasn't going to sneak up on me and settled in to wait at Coffey's Cliff. Still dark, but a few trains to report:
07:00 I32? NS6081 NS3280 NS5272CR NS2872
07:01 NS5201 runs lite to the wye
07:03 ????? CSX8529 and unknown GE -8 heads north
07:28 NS124 NS9164 NS9605 NS9722 building their train
07:35 NS322 NS8872 NS9137 NS6601 NS8918 NS3323 NS3231
08:18 NS124 departs (see above)
08:35 ????? UP9478 UP4083 UP6300 NS6714CR
08>43 T101 CSX564 CSX508 MTY CSX unit coal train

08:58 My ears perk up, 72J is barely audible talking to someone asking how the trip had been so far. 72J advises that the GE's do a better job pulling up the grades than the 70MACs they are using for the first run. 8mph up some of the grades that the GE's would be pulling at 10mph. Gotta remember tho, these 70MACs have been run HARD for quite awhile and the new Dash9's that will be assigned are brand new...

09:00 NS134 NS6716CR UP9408 NS7063
09:18 NS Defect Detector at MP248.1 sounds off, "NO DEFECTS" so 72J is back on the NS from CSX.
09:45 72J stops to change crews at Webb
09:55 72J departs, and my first photo of the day, BNSF Executive Scheme SD70MACs on the point

and another Executive Scheme as the DPU

Continued south from Ooltewah, TN MP19 about 11:00...go get 'em!!

And catch those last few UP powered Powder River Coal Trains while you can...two weeks and counting down...
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