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Default Spot on pictures...

How would I get this spot off my camera? Would it require going to get it cleaned? Or would it be something I could do myself? Sample pic attached..
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If you're using a digital SLR, then you can detach the lens and use a blower to remove the dust spots (the kind that release air when they are squeezed.)
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Default Sensor dust

I am sure blowing this dust away with a blowbrush will work as suggested, but once you have got rid of it, I suggest always pointing the camera downwards while changing lenses so that the rear of camera is pointing up towards your face. I used to get this problem a lot, but since I started doing lens changes this way, I have not had any dust on my D50's sensor at all.
I hope this helps.
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Default Sensor Dirt


I see your using a Canon 20D.

Canon do not recommend home sensor cleaning beyond the use of a blower bulb.
Anything more needs to be taken to a service agent 30.00! charge

However, many snappers now clean their own sensors using:



I'm sure all this is available on your side of the pond.

I use a blower followed by a sensor swab.

I have had no problems doing this.

The alternative is to leave the dirt and edit it out in PS.

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