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Ron H
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Default You thoughts on this reject.

This shot was rejected due to "Poor lighting (Backlit): The image is backlit or doesn't feature enough light on the nose or visible sides of the subject." I fail to see a problem. The Sahara Dust is dimming the evening sun a little but the sun is still bright enough to produce shadows from the grab irons on the nose. You can see shadows on the pilot and the undercarriage is sun lit. What do you all think?


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Maybe you could address the bland look of the lighting with some color work. Aside from the rejection reason, it's unlevel, cropped awkwardly, and there's a huge pole a-growin' from the lead unit.

Loyd L.
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Originally Posted by bigbassloyd View Post
Maybe you could address the bland look of the lighting with some color work. Aside from the rejection reason, it's unlevel, cropped awkwardly, and there's a huge pole a-growin' from the lead unit.

Loyd L.
I agree. Should have gotten bad angle, bad cropping and unlevel rejections as well.

Save this one for the personal files.
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Holloran Grade
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The light is flat and it is not all that appealing.

And you have a big dark spot on the plow below the ditch lights (they hate this).

Such as here (with more intense sun light):


You also have it tilted to the left and the power pole issue.

I think the power pole could be cloned out but some may argue that is cheating.

Go re-shoot it on a clear day if possible with the sun on the nose and the side you are on.

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Here what I did to your shot, I removed the pole but you're not to do that but have to look at what's behind it. I rotated to the right .8 added contrast and color and it need sharping to, That just adds contrast to lines or edges. Still wont help the flat light thats peeking thru haze . You're cropping a bit on the tight side as it needs some room. RP is vary picky in what it takes so try more and don't give up.
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Joe the Photog
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This is a case where they really need to reject the shot on a couple of fronts. They gave you Poor Lighting which seems to have given you the notion that the issues with the shot are limited to that one reason. In fact, you did your best to convince us the lighting was, in fact, not poor. But as the others above me have said, that's just not the case. At the risk of coming off snarky, save yourself time and trouble and don't try to upload this shot to RP again. It should never make it.

What to do next time --

1.) Watch for errant poles. If thereis a pole and it must poke out of a loco's head, make sure it's not the front of the loco.

2.) Think scene. In 2010 with so much of the same engines roaming the rails, we don't need many roster shots. Let the train trail off from the scene. This scene actually does seem a bit rare with four of the big EMDs on one FEC train. But we need to see more of the motoros.

3.) Kinda the same as #2, but not really, too, is to give the scene more room. Even on a shot concentrating solely on the motors, let the subjects have more room so they don't look so cramped. In your shot, the photo needs more space on the right, bottom and left of the frame.

4.) Watch your horizons. You shot is leaning to the left, but your composition leaves no room to rotate.

All advice worth what yu paid for it and no speel check performed.
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