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Default Woo hoo!! First Reject.. for the year

Well I'm on a guided path to perfection.. RPN Style that is..
my first reject was unlevel horizon, keen eye on their part, it was hard for me to tell at first.. but I wanted to check with others to see if I'm on track here.. see what you think..
Out of 93 pictures in one night I submit three, get one in, and forget about the rest..

Here is a show of my work here on RPN

Another place to look at pictures if there is more to photography than railroading http://www.picpublisher.com/referral/William_Grow
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I agree...check out the telephone polls. I think one-two degrees counter clockwise should be good.
Click Here to view my photos at RailPictures.Net!
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Only slightly. Looks like it needs to be rotated counterclockwise a degree or two.

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