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Default Undersharpened Panned shot

I've been working on panned shots for a couple of months. this one is by far my best yet. I've intently studied my favorites and notice there's always some of the picture near the edges that's out of focus. Can this one be cropped a little differently to be accepted, or is the lack of sharpness in the end ladder?

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I personally don't care for the image. I find the image to be a bit confusing. I think your best bet would've been to either pan the power of the train, as it appears you had decent light, or attempt to pan a close up of the couplers. I think someone tried this once (if I recall correctly, I believe it was Mitch) and the result was quite nice.

As for the answer to your question, I'm uncertain if a new crop would get the image accepted. I do agree with the screener in that I find the image a bit soft, although as I previously said, the image is rather confusing, at least in my opinion.

Perhaps others will chime in and share their opinions.

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I'm with Chase on this one - nice attempt but it's a bit "confusing" as there is no real focal point to latch onto. The background is nicely blurred but not enough to make the panned subjects stand out. The horizontal wire is slightly distracting as well.

As for the quality - the image would benefit (as the screener mentions) with further sharpening but it's still just a bit off. Is the image cropped or as taken? The lettering looks good so I'm wondering if it's the resolution that makes the image appear less then perfect?

As for parts of a panned subject being blurry; this occurs when part of the panned subject is moving at an angle not perpendicular to the camera. In other words, part of the subject is moving away from the camera at a different speed (or distance). To avoid this shoot wider or stand further back, or, nail the capture completely perpendicular to your stance.

Good luck - try practicing on a long train of freight cars.

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I personally think that this shot is just plain uninteresting. Maybe if you had the nose of a passing train in the shot?
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I think most on here would not care to see it and would get kicked off for something other then unsharp. Not that it's not a nice photo just not what most want to SEE in a pan shot. Look at what others get in and work from their, If thats what there shooting thats what they will look at and have the best chance to get in. I am not saying don't try new things as you wont get better or develop an eye for new things.
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A pan shot is more effective is there is more blur, so I think the crop is too tight. The sense of motion is weak. It doesn't help that the snow in the foreground means one doesn't see the usual blurred ties and ballast.
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